Bobby Emperor - singer/songwriter

Bobby Emperor is an Austrian singer/songwriter. He's been writing songs since he was about 13 years old, and many of those are in an American Country Music style, resulting in simple but catchy music along with lyrics that always have a point - telling stories, communicating feelings, or sometimes just spinning a fun idea. He writes about a wide range of topics, including love, trains, seasons, Country Music - and from time to time, he also writes about the Star Trek universe (of which he is a big fan).

To have an instrument he could play along with the songs, he taught himself some guitar. And in addition to singing his own songs, he's practicing his voice regularly in a Karaoke bar - if you are in Vienna, you may meet him there some day...

Bobby's songs have primarily been written for his own enjoyment - but if others take a liking to them as well, he's definitely happy about that!

In addition, he'd be excited if someone would want to take one of his songs and take it to the next level, and would love to participate in making a band arrangement of any of his works.

Videos - Song Demo Recordings

In the last few years, Bobby Emperor has created some simple demo recordings of some of his songs, right in his living room, "pandemic style" if you will. Here is a selection of those:

Find more such demo recordings on the Bobby Emperor YouTube channel - and subscribe to get notified when new recordings are published!

Song Lyrics

You can select a song here to view a video (if existing) and the matching lyrics.